PQM Consultancy

Project & Quality Management Consultancy


- Abbott Biologicals B.V., Olst - the Netherlands (Pharmaceutical industry)
- AMO Groningen B.V., Groningen - the Netherlands (Medical Device industry)
- Astellas Pharma Europe B.V., Meppel - the Netherlands (Pharmaceutical industry)
- Baat Medical Products B.V., Hengelo - the Netherlands (Medical Device industry)
- Beenen B.V., Heerenveen - the Netherlands (Automation Solution industry)
- Bilthoven Biologicals B.V. - Bilthoven - the Netherlands (Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry)
- CAF-DCF, Brussel - Belgium (Bio-Pharmaceutical industry)
- DFE Pharma, Goch - Germany (Pharmaceutical Excipients industry)
- Euroma B.V., Nijkerk - the Netherlands (Food industry)
- Frieslandcampina Domo B.V., Beilen - the Netherlands (Infant Food industry)
- hmsBlistique B.V., Heerenveen - the Netherlands (Food & Pharmaceutical industry)
- Holland Pharma B.V., Borculo - the Netherlands (Whole Saler industry)
- Milupa GmbH, Fulda - Germany (Food & Medical Food industry)
- MSD Animal Health B.V., Boxmeer - the  Netherlands (Animal Health bio-Pharmaceutical industry)
- Purac Biochem B.V., Gorinchem - the Netherlands (Food and Pharmaceutical Excipients industry)
- Sanquin Plasma Products, Amsterdam - the Netherlands (Bio-Pharmaceutical industry)
- Sensofar Medical, S.L., Terrassa - Spain (Equipment and software supplier Medical Device industry)
- SHS International Ltd., Liverpool - United Kingdom (Medical Food industry)
- Vaccinogen B.V., Emmen - the Netherlands (Bio-Pharmaceutical industry)
- Vemedia Manufacturing B.V., Diemen - the Netherlands (Pharmaceutical industry)